Capturing the Bump: The Latest Maternity Photo Trends for Expectant Mums

As an expectant mother, witnessing the remarkable changes and growth in your body as you nurture new life within is an exhilarating experience. It's a time filled with joy, anticipation, and, if you're anything like me, a touch of nervousness. Amidst the whirlwind, it's easy to overlook the importance of capturing this extraordinary phase. Personally, I regret not taking monthly photos to chronicle my journey.

Maternity photoshoots offer an exceptional opportunity to immortalize your pregnancy and commemorate the miracle developing within you. They enable you to capture this fleeting moment, creating timeless memories that will be cherished by you and your loved ones for years to come. To help you seize this occasion, we've curated a collection of our favorite maternity photo ideas, accompanied by valuable tips on how to bring them to life.

Embrace the beauty of this chapter and let your maternity photos become a treasured keepsake of this remarkable journey.

These maternity photo shoots are often take place in serene outdoor settings like parks, gardens, or wooded areas

1. Nature Inspired Maternity Photoshoot

In recent years, there has been a growing trend among expectant mothers to embrace nature-inspired maternity photoshoots, incorporating the breathtaking beauty of the outdoors into their pictures. These photo sessions often take place in serene outdoor settings like parks, gardens, or wooded areas, allowing for the integration of natural elements such as blooming flowers, majestic trees, and tranquil water features.

The allure of nature-inspired shoots lies in their ability to provide a tranquil and soothing atmosphere, serving as a harmonious backdrop for capturing the beauty of pregnancy. As pregnancy itself is a profoundly natural process, these types of photoshoots can foster a deeper connection between expectant mothers and the wonders of nature, as well as the new life blossoming within them.

By embracing the natural world, these maternity photoshoots encapsulate the essence of this extraordinary journey in a truly captivating and authentic way.

Tips for creating Nature Inspired Maternity Shoots

  1. Choose the right location. Look for a spot that has natural beauty and fits the aesthetic you're going for. Consider the time of day and the lighting, as well as any potential distractions (like other people or animals in the area).

  2. Plan your outfit. Choose clothing that complements the natural setting, such as flowing dresses or earthy tones. Avoid busy patterns or bright colors that might clash with the scenery.

  3. Incorporate natural elements. Think about ways to include natural elements like flowers, leaves, or water in your photos. This could involve holding a bouquet, standing in a field of wildflowers, or even wading in a stream.

  4. Work with a photographer who understands your vision. Make sure to communicate your ideas and preferences with your photographer, and look for someone who has experience with nature-inspired shoots and can help bring your vision to life.

Some of our favs!

Pregnant women standing in a field of wildflowers

2. Minimalistic Maternity Photos

In contrast to the nature-inspired trend, minimalistic maternity shoots are all about simplicity and understated elegance. These shoots typically feature clean lines, neutral colors, and minimal props or accessories.

Opt for colors like white, black, gray, or beige… Consider playing with shadows or silhouettes to add depth and interest to your photos.

The goal of a minimalistic shoot is to create a timeless and classic look that will never go out of style. This can be especially appealing for expectant mothers who prefer a more streamlined and modern aesthetic.

Tips for creating a Minimalist Maternity Shoot:

  1. Choose a neutral color palette. Opt for colors like white, black, gray, or beige, which will create a clean and timeless look. Avoid bright colors or busy patterns, which can be distracting.

  2. Keep props and accessories to a minimum. The focus of a minimalistic shoot should be on the expectant mother and her bump, so avoid adding too many props or accessories. If you do use props, choose ones that are simple and understated, like a blanket or a single flower.

  3. Experiment with lighting. Minimalistic shoots often rely on natural lighting or simple studio lighting setups to create a clean and uncluttered look. Consider playing with shadows or silhouettes to add depth and interest to your photos.

  4. Consider your pose and composition. Minimalistic shoots often feature simple, classic poses that showcase the expectant mother's bump. Think about how you can create a balanced and visually appealing composition without adding too many elements.

Some of our Favs!

Pregnant women in a white dress against a white background

 3. Captivating and Intimate Maternity Boudoir Photography

Embrace and Empower: Capturing the Beauty of Maternity through Boudoir-Inspired Photoshoots. Boudoir-style maternity shoots provide a unique opportunity to celebrate the sensuality and allure of pregnancy and maternity.

Let these captivating images become cherished mementos of your radiant and empowered self during this extraordinary chapter.

These intimate sessions often showcase expectant mothers adorned in lingerie or elegant attire, striking romantic and seductive poses. Beyond capturing stunning visuals, these shoots are designed to help you embrace your beauty and feel empowered during this transformative time.


These photoshoots beautifully capture the intimate connection between you and your partner (if you include them), emphasizing the deep bond nurtured throughout pregnancy. By embracing the boudoir style, these photoshoots offer a space to showcase the inherent grace and confidence that accompanies the journey to motherhood. Let these captivating images become cherished mementos of your radiant and empowered self during this extraordinary chapter.

Tips for creating a Boudoir Style Maternity Shoot

  1. Choose the right clothing. Lingerie or other intimate clothing is a key element of a boudoir-style shoot. Choose pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident, and that flatter your changing body.

  2. Set the scene. The location and setting of your shoot can play a big role in creating the right mood. Consider a romantic bedroom setting or a cozy studio with soft lighting and plush textures.

  3. Work with a trusted photographer. It's important to work with a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and who understands the style and mood you're going for.

  4. Don't be afraid to get creative. Boudoir-style shoots can be playful and fun, so don't be afraid to experiment with poses or props that showcase your personality and style.

Some of our Favs!

Pregnant women laying on her back on a bed wearing a tshirt and bra

  4. Family Focused Maternity Photos

Embracing Togetherness: Capturing the Love and Anticipation in Family Maternity Photoshoots. Family-centric maternity shoots center around capturing the boundless joy and excitement of growing your family.

Let these cherished photographs become a testament to the love and bond that will continue to flourish as your family grows.

These heartwarming sessions go beyond solely featuring the expectant mother and often include her partner, children, and even beloved pets. The essence of a family-centric shoot lies in creating a collection of photos that beautifully portray the deep love and connection shared by all family members while celebrating the imminent arrival of the newest addition.

These sessions are a testament to the unity and anticipation that fills the air as your family eagerly awaits the arrival of the little one. Let these cherished photographs become a testament to the love and bond that will continue to flourish as your family grows.

Tips for creating a Family Style Maternity Shoot

  1. Choose a meaningful location. Consider a location that holds special meaning for your family, such as a favorite park or beach, or even your own backyard.

  2. Coordinate outfits. Choosing complementary or matching outfits can help create a cohesive look for your photos. Consider incorporating colors or patterns that tie in with your chosen location.

  3. Incorporate props or activities. Props or activities can help add interest and variety to your photos, and can also help capture the personality and interests of your family members.

  4. Plan for breaks and snacks. Family photo shoots can be tiring, especially for young children or pets. Be sure to plan for breaks and bring along snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy and comfortable.

Some of our Favs!

Mother and daughter standing in a field of wild flowers pregnancy announcement

 5. Creative Style Maternity Photos

Creative concept maternity shoots are all about thinking outside the box and coming up with unique and unexpected ideas for your photos. These shoots often feature props, costumes, or other creative elements that help to tell a story or convey a particular mood or emotion. If you are expecting an IVF baby, perhaps you will take a photo with the needles used to create your baby.

The goal of a creative concept shoot is to create something that is truly one-of-a-kind and that showcases your personality and style as an expectant mother.

Tips for creating a Creative Style Maternity Shoot

  1. Brainstorm ideas. Take some time to brainstorm ideas for your shoot. Think about your interests, hobbies, and passions, and consider how you might incorporate these into your photos.

  2. Choose the right props and costumes. Once you have a concept in mind, choose the right props, costumes, and other elements to bring your vision to life. Consider renting or borrowing items if you don't want to purchase them outright.

  3. Work with a creative photographer. Look for a photographer who is willing to experiment and try new things. Make sure you communicate your ideas clearly and work together to bring your vision to life.

  4. Keep it authentic. While you want your shoot to be creative and unique, make sure it still feels authentic to you and your personality. Don't be afraid to incorporate elements that are meaningful to you, even if they might not be the most obvious choice.

Some of our Favs!

Pregnant Woman standing infront of a tree holding a camera

From nature-inspired shoots to creative concepts, there are plenty of exciting trends to choose from when it comes to capturing your bump in photographs. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends, you can find inspiration and ideas for your own maternity shoot. 

One of the most important things to consider when planning your maternity shoot is finding a photographer who can capture your unique vision. Look for someone who is not only skilled in their craft but also willing to collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life.

As an expectant mum, your pregnancy is a special and fleeting time in your life that deserves to be celebrated and remembered. By embracing your bump and capturing it in photographs, you can create a lasting memory of this incredible experience.

So whether you choose a nature-inspired shoot, a minimalist approach, or something more creative, don't be afraid to let your personality and style shine through in your maternity photos. With the right photographer and a little bit of planning, you can create a set of images that truly capture the joy, excitement, and beauty of this incredible time in your life.




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