A Commitment to Sustainability

A sustainable and purposeful brand, Snuggly Jacks is committed to providing your little loves with quality, comfortable and GORGEOUS pieces for both baby and nursery.

Jack's story taught us the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. It also awakened our passion for using only the best for your little ones. Our commitment to natural, sustainable materials reflects our desire to create a better world for them to grow in.

Our Mission

Our mission is not just to create amazing baby and nursery products based on quality, purity and safety, we are here to create a brand and a community that is a safe and nurturing space for all new parents.

Snuggly Jacks is here to reshape the baby and nursery market and offer more than just a product. Every parent deserves peace of mind and support and Snuggly Jacks hopes to be that safe space for all parents to lean into.

Our Designs

With over 50 years of combined fabric and sewing experience, our journey is stitched into each product. We've scoured the world to source the finest fabrics, weaving them into creations that exemplify quality, softness, and durability.

You have tried the rest.... now try the BEST

We have a passion for creating and home styling. All of our prints are created by our team of mums with your nursery in mind.