Hi there,

We are sisters Katie and Amylee and we are the founders and the face behind the brand Snuggly Jacks.

We are so happy to have you here and we’d love for you to learn more about us and the reason we started on this journey of creating the most amazing baby bedding and blankets for your little ones!

Inspired By Love...

In 2013, as Amylee carried the precious life of her son, Jack, we embarked on a deeply personal journey. It was a time of great struggle, as we sought to find baby bedding that seamlessly combined both beauty and safety for our little one.

Blessed with a mother whose sewing and design expertise spanned 35 years, we were inspired to take matters into our own hands. Drawing from her wealth of experience, we decided to craft our own bedding, marking the genesis of a heartfelt legacy that we now proudly call Snuggly Jacks.

Our story is one of love, loss, and unwavering dedication.



Meet Jacks Aunty Katie who is our resident designer and all things creative. Katie is the mad women who wakes up with a brilliant idea that has just come to her and then we all spend the next week scrambling to make it come together. She is passionate, focused and incredibly loving. You won't see her much on the frontline but she is by far the backbone of our business


Jacks Mummy and our social guru, If you have written us a message, made a comment on our social media or even tagged us in a photo, Amylee is the person you have spoken to. She takes care of all our customers and is the reason we have such a great reputation when it comes to customer care. This business Afterall, is her baby.


Say hello to Jacks Dad! It was so important to us to create a business that can support our whole family, and having Thiago at the helm of all our warehousing and distribution has been essential to that. Your order was almost certainly packed and sent by Thiago (Yes that perfect packaging was done by him!) He is meticulous and thorough and this is why he heads our packaging team!


The guy that runs all our behind the scenes tech stuff. Jacks Uncle Luke keeps everything running. Responsible for our Canadian and USA expansion, he runs both websites and does all the boring analytics! But lets be honest, inside there is a little dreamer in him too.


Perhaps the most important of us all, Robyn is resident Mum. She is our mum, and the person who taught us to sew. In the early days you can almost guarantee your products were hand sewn by her. Now days mum has a little more of a relaxed role and helps fill in where she is needed.